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Problem Specification
1. Start-up and preliminary set-up
2. Specify element type and constants
3. Specify material properties
4. Specify geometry
5. Mesh geometry
6. Specify boundary conditions
7. Solve!
8. Postprocess the results
9. Validate the results

Step 2: Specify element type and constants

Specify Element Type

In the Preprocessor Menu, Select:

Element Type > Add/Edit/Delete > Add...

Pick Beam in the left field and 2D elastic 3 in the right field.

Click OK.

Close the Element Types dialog box and also the Element Type menu.

Specify the Constants

In the Preprocessor menu, Select*:*

Real Constants > Add/Edit/Delete > Add...

This brings up the Element Type for Real Constants dialog box with a list of the element types defined in the previous step. Click OK to select the BEAM3 element. Enter the following values:

AREA = h*h

Save your work by clicking on the Save_DB button in the ANSYS Toolbar.

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