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Problem Specification
1. Start-up and preliminary set-up
2. Specify element type and constants
3. Specify material properties
4. Specify geometry
5. Mesh geometry
6. Specify boundary conditions
7. Solve!
8. Postprocess the results
9. Validate the results

Step 7: Solve!

Enter Solution Module:

Main Menu > Solution

Enter check in the Input window. If the problem has been set up correctly, there will be no errors or warnings reported. If you look in the Output window, you should see the message: The analysis data was checked and no warnings or errors were found.

Main Menu > Solution > Solve > Current LS

Review the information in the /STATUS Command window. Close this window.

Click OK in Solve Current Load Step menu.

ANSYS performs the solution and a window should pop up saying "Solution is done!". Close the window.

Verify that ANSYS has created a file called cbeam.rst in your working directory. This file contains the results of the (previous) solve.

Go to Step 8: Postprocess the results

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