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Author: Rajesh Bhaskaran, Cornell University

Problem Specification
1. Start-up and preliminary set-up
2. Specify element type and constants
3. Specify material properties
4. Specify geometry
5. Mesh geometry
6. Specify boundary conditions
7. Solve
8. Postprocess the results
9. Validate the results
Problem Set 1

Problem Specification

Consider the square plate of uniform thickness with a circular hole with dimensions shown in the figure below. The thickness of the plate is 1 mm. The Young's modulus E =107 MPa and the Poisson ratio is 0.3. A uniform pressure p=1 MPa acts on the boundary of the hole. Assume that plane stress conditions prevail. Determine the displacement and stress fields using ANSYS. This problem is taken from section 6.14, p. 240-244 of Cook et al

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