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Intro Learning Module - Panel
Intro Learning Module - Panel

MATLAB Introductory Learning Module

Created using MATLAB R2013a

Problem Specification

Consider the beam shown in the figure below. Using MATLAB,

a) Find the reactions RA, RB
b) Find the bending stress σx at point O
c) Plot the variation of σx at point O as the inner radius of the tube is varied in the range 0.5 cm < ri < 1.5 cm

Solution Steps

The MATLAB solution is divided into the following steps:

  • Step 1: Find Reactions RA, RB
  • Step 2: Find σx for ri = 1 cm
  • Step 3: Plot σx vs. ri
  • Step 4: Plot σx vs. ri: Take 2
  • Step 5: Plot σx vs. ri: Take 3
  • Step 6: Plot σx vs. ri: Take 4

Conventions Used

In this tutorial, items and options appearing within the MATLAB graphical user interface are denoted in purple, italic, and bold.

Text and numbers that need to be entered are indicated in monospace font.

Let's dive into step 1 without further ado.

Go to Step 1: Find Reactions RA, RB

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