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Laminar Pipe Flow - Panel
Laminar Pipe Flow - Panel


This module is from our free online simulations course at (sign up here). The edX interface provides a better user experience, so we have moved the module there.

Laminar Pipe Flow

Created using ANSYS 16.2

all the steps in problem specification

Learning Goals


In this module, you'll learn to:

  • Develop the numerical solution to a laminar pipe flow problem in ANSYS Fluent
  • Verify the numerical results from ANSYS Fluent
  • Connect the ANSYS steps to concepts covered in the Computational Fluid Dynamics section

Problem Specification

This module is drawn from MAE 4230/5230 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics at Cornell University.

Consider fluid flowing through a circular pipe of constant radius as illustrated below. The figure is not to scale. The pipe diameter D = 0.2 m and length L = 3 m Consider the inlet velocity to be constant over the cross-section and equal to 1 m/s. The pressure at the pipe outlet is 1 atm. Take density ρ = 1 kg/ m and coefficient of viscosity µ = 2 x 10 -3 kg/(m*s). These parameters have been chosen to get a desired Reynolds number of 100 and don't correspond to any real fluid. 

Laminar Pipe Diagram


We'll solve this problem numerically using ANSYS Fluent. We'll look at the following results:

  • Velocity vectors

  • Velocity magnitude contours 

  • Pressure contours 

  • Velocity profile at the outlet

We'll verify the results by following a systematic process which includes comparing the results with the analytical solution in the full-developed region. 

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