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  • Highlight Calculation activities. Click in "Create/Edit" under "Solution Animations".
    • If the button is grayed out, close Fluent, open Solution of the MFR, close it and then re-open Solution for the Sliding Mesh.
    • Increase "Animation Sequences" to 1.
    • Rename it to Sliding_Mesh
    • Change "When" to Time Step and click Define.
      • Display type will be "Contours"
        • Change contours to Velocity, deselect all Surfaces.
        • Check "Filled", uncheck "Global Range", "Auto Range" and Clip to Range".
        • Set the "max" to 16.
        • Click Display
        • Zoom in and adjust the display so that the turbine is slightly to the left, and you can see the wake. This scene will be the animation close-up that will be created.
      • Close the Windows (click Close, Ok and Ok).
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