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Problem Specification
1. Pre-analysis & Start-Up
2. Geometry
3. Mesh
4. Setup (Physics)
5. Solution
6. Results
7. Verification & Validation

Setup (Physics)

Assign Material

The default material used for Mechanical is structural. We need to change it to the new material we defined earlier (Tissue). In the outline window, expand Geometry and highlight Solid 1. The bone model will now be highlighted in green, meaning it is being selected. Right below the outline window you will see "Details of Solid 1". Expand Material, and change the assignment to Tissue. The material properties we defined for Tissue will now be assigned to the bone model.

Named Selection

We will assign deformation to the positive y face and roller support to the negative y face. The geometry of the model makes it difficult to select all the faces in a given plane. However, we can easily assign the BC using name selection.


The y coordinate for the bottom edge is 3.3e-2 mm. Rename the second named selection bottom y

Boundary Conditions

Right click on Static Structural (B4) and insert a displacement.