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To save and exit when you are done, select "File > Save" and "File > Exit" in the project view (yellow icon in taskbar). When transferring the project to another location, you need to transfer the "2d_beam.wbpj" file as well as the "2d_beam_files" folder. The project cannot be read into ANSYS without both these entities.


The analyst can proceed to simulate the beam using a variety of elements:  one- dimensional beam elements, plane strain triangles, plane strain quadrilaterals, plane stress triangles, plane stress quadrilaterals, and three-dimensional brick elements (using what the analyst believes to be sufficiently relaxed end constraints, as per the previous example). The results for maximum transverse deflection are reported in Fig. 4.12. All results are reported in dimensionless form, normalized by the characteristic deflection defined in the Problem Specification Section earlier.