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Then select Probe in the main menu. Now you can hover over the structure to see the value of the shear force. If you click at a point, it will add a label at that point showing the value.

If you need to get the exact values at particular locations, it is better to make a plot along a "path" rather than use "probe". We show that next.

Bending Moment along Path

Go to Step 7: Verification & Validation

Create the path.

(Right click) Model > Insert > Construction Geometry

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(Right click) Construction Geometry > Insert > Path

Turn on "edge selection".

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Under Path Type, select Edge. Then click on any edge and click Apply under Geometry.

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Highlight Solution in tree and select Beam Results > Bending Moment. Change Scoping Method and Path to Path. Change to Directional Bending Moment in the local z direction.

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Click Solve. The tabular data (lower right) gives the bending moment values at the beginning and end of the path.

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