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Click on Solve and ANSYS will display the local coordinate system for each element. The local x, y and z are shown in red, blue and green (RGB), correspondinglyrespectively.

Shear Force

From the local coordinate systems above, we see that we need the shear force in the local y direction. To get the shear in the local y, highlight Solution in the tree and select Beam Results > Shear Force.


Click on Solve. This will color each element according to the value of the shear force. To probe the shear values in the graphics window, have first make ANSYS wrap the cross-section around the line element elements by going to the main menu and selecting View > Thick Shells and Beams.

Select Then select Probe in the main menu. You Now you can hover over the structure to see the value of the shear force. If you click at a point, it will add a label at that point showing the value.