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Thermal Stresses in a Bar - Panel
Thermal Stresses in a Bar - Panel

Numerical Solution

In the Outline window, again notice that there are two solution boxes: one for the temperature solution and one for the structural solution. We will first set up the solution for the temperature solution, to be followed by the structural solution.

Temperature Solution

In the Outline window, look under and click to bring up the temperature solution sub menu in the menu bar. In the temperature solution sub menu, click Thermal > Temperature to create a temperature solution.

Structural Solution

In the Outline window under click to bring up the structural solution sub menu. In the structural solution sub menu, select Deformation > Total. This will create a deformation solution in under the structural solution. Next, select Tools > Beam Tool to create solutions relating to stress in the line body.


Finally, press to solve the simulation. Note: you may have to solve the problem twice: once to solve the thermal problem and once to solve the structural problem. You'll know if the solutions are solved once the lighting bolts in the above figure become green check-marks.

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