Course Selection Guidance for Students with Interests in Dynamics, Systems and Controls

The DSC group is most easily described using a small list of both disciplines and applications:


Dynamics, Dynamical systems

Autonomous Systems

Estimation/Filtering/Model Inversion Theory


Control Theory



Space Dynamics/Space Systems


Aero Systems

Structural Dynamics and Smart Materials


Core Courses:
  • MAE 5730 Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations (Fall)
  • MAE 5780 Feedback Controls (Fall)

Typically, students take two or more of these core courses.

Follow-on courses include:
  • MAE 3780 Mechatronics (Fall)
  • MAE 5180 Autonomous Mobile Robots (Spring)
  • MAE 5910 Model Based Systems Engineering (SYSEN) (Fall)
  • MAE 6750 Nonlinear Vibrations (Spring)
  • MAE 6760 Model-Based Estimation (Spring) (not offered 2019-20)
  • MAE 6780 Multivariable Control Theory (Spring)
  • MAE 7760 Applied Dynamical Systems (Spring)
Most students could benefit from taking a course in Applied Mathematics such as:
  • MAE 3100 Intro to Applied Math (not offered 2019-20)
  • MAE 6810 Methods of Applied Mathematics I (Fall)
Additional courses to broaden engineering knowledge
  • MAE 5230 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics with CFD (Spring)
  • MAE 6110 Foundations of Solids Mechanics (Fall)


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