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The arXiv team is undertaking a series of surveys and workshops to help us create a cohesive vision for the future of arXiv. The purpose of the technical infrastructure workshop is to brainstorm and refine a set of possible technology options for the re-implementation of all or parts of arXiv, and to provide a solid foundation for additional development. The outputs of the workshop will be used to develop a technology plan for arXiv that will allow it to support existing functionality, and for the development of new functionality that aligns with the vision. Any new software will be openly developed using modern languages, testing practices, and frameworks to lower development and maintenance costs. The software will be modular and designed for reuse by the community. Infrastructure improvements will also help underpin efforts to enhance the usability of arXiv. The interface will be improved based on sound user-centered design principles and guidelines, and will increase ease of use, accessibility compliance and responsiveness. Together, the vision and technology plan will be used to seek major funding for implementation over the next few years.


Alberto Accomazzi
Principal Investigator
NASA Astrophysics Data System
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Robert J. Hanisch
Director, Office of Data and Informatics
Material Measurement Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Thorsten Schwander
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Technical Lead INSPIRE@SLAC
Member INSPIRE Director Group

Mark Matienzo
Director of Technology
Digital Public Library of America

Dave Lifka
Interim CIO & Vice President, Cornell Information Technologies
Director, Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing

Matthew McGrattan
Collections Delivery Architect & Acting Head of Digital Research
Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services
University of Oxford



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