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On June 26 this year I sent this survey to the Chief Collection Development  Officers  of ARL Libraries Listserv

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 13:47:56 -0400
From: "John M. Saylor" <>
Subject: Quick survey on ETD's in IR's

Dear Colleagues-  I am in the process of negotiating with our Graduate School the policy under which theses and dissertations (T&D's) are deposited in our institutional repository (

The graduate school will currently agree to a policy which
"mandates all electronically deposit T&D's go into the IR. The default submission would be to a dark or closed (ie full text is unaccessible, abstract is accessible) portion of the IR unless the student agreed (by checking  a box on the form) to have it open. After 5 years the library could/would try to contact the student to gain permission to have it moved to the open portion of the IR."

I am trying to convince the graduate schoolto have the default be to move T&D to the open portion after 5 years UNLESS the student specifically requests that it remain "dark" for another 5 years. So can you tell me what happens at your institution:

1. Institution Name
2. IR URL:
3.T&D's are mandated for deposit (Y or N)
4. Default deposit is Open____ Closed_____
5. IF Closed for how many years??
6. What is your arrangement for moving from Open to Closed

Thank you very much . I'd be glad to summarize. Cheers- john

The results of the survey are now posted in an excel spreadsheet here

Here is my take on a quick summary.

I received email responses from 32 institutions. 
-29 reported having an institutional repository (IR) URL
-16 of the 29 reported some form of mandated electronic deposit (Virginia schools are definitely the leaders in this)
-of the 13 who said electronic deposit is not mandatory- 6 said they were working on and it and will become mandatory
-of the 29 reporting an IR- 23 said the default deposit, whether optional or mandatory is open as opposed to closed

John M. Saylor                                                                      
-Interim AUL for Scholarly Communications and Collections
Cornell University Library (CUL)
-Director, Engineering Library;
Ithaca, NY 14850-4623
phone: 607-255-4134
fax:   607-255-5196   

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