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Meeting Information:

SAB/MAB DINNER: 6pm-8:30pm, September 12, Monday, AD White House, Cornell University

See directions at:

MEETING LOCATION:  703 Olin Library  Cornell Map

CONTACT: Oya Y. Rieger, (607) 351 9828 or






8:15-8:30 am

Arrivals & continental breakfast (muffins, bagels, cut fruit, orange juice, and coffee/tea)


8:30-10:00 am

Introductions and arXiv Overview (10 minute per topic and Q&A)          

  • Introductions - welcome to new members (Takashi Hikihara, Tracey Clark, Alison Scott)
  • arXiv Program at CUL & Financial Update - slides [PDF] (Oya Y. Rieger, Program Director)
  • Moderation Update (Jim Entwood, Operations Manager) - slides [PDF]
  • IT Update - slides [PDF] (Martin Lessmeister, Lead Programmer)
  • SAB Update (Karen Vogtmann & Carol Hoover)


Beyond 2013-2017 Business Plan: Planning for Next Business Cycle

Guest: Raym Crow

  • arXiv Sustainability Model
    What is the value proposition behind arXiv?  Why should libraries (and other stakeholders) become members?
    • Budget projections for the next 5-year cycle (see current one: arXiv Business Model, 2013-2017)
    • Restructuring the annual membership fee model (currently at $3,000-1,500)
    • Future of 'platinum membership' concept - contributions from institutions with the heaviest use (see MAB subgroup's platinum letter)
    • Adding a membership tier for societies and publishers
    • Online fund raising campaigns
  • Additional revenue sources: corporations, state/federal agencies, foundations (see MAB subgroup's report on fundraising)
  • Grant writing in support of development efforts
    Please refer to arXivMABSustainabilityDiscussion.doc sent via email

    (includes a 10-minute break)



Working lunch  - Next-Gen arXiv

Findings of the IT architecture review and user study

Maintaining the current arXiv + building next-gen = managing/funding parallel activities

Please be prepared to share your insights and experiences to inform us about the evolving user expectations and use patterns. Also, we are interested in trends in repositories and publishing that should inform arXiv's future directions. This will be an informal discussion, no need to bring any slides.

 (includes a 15-minute break)


MAB Executive Session

Executive session without the Cornell team facilitated by Jim Mullins & Carol Hoover:

  • What are the strengths of the current arXiv governance and membership model? What is working well?
  • What are the areas for improvement? How should the Cornell team strengthen the operation from technical, policy, user support, fund raising, and communication perspectives?
  • Do you find your role as an MAB member fulfilling?  Has Cornell set the right expectations? What are the other ways MAB could be involved in advising the Cornell team?
  • Any other input/suggestions you may want to relay to us.

 Cornell team will join the last 15 minutes to hear recommendations.



  • Review of the meeting outcomes
  • Rotating off members - recruiting new ones
  • Any feedback, questions, recommendations for arXiv team

MAB Participants:

  • Tommy Ohlsson, Professor , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Theoretical Physics, Sweden
  • Carol Hoover, Digital Information Resources Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
  • Tracy Gabridge, Associate Director for Research & Instructional Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US,
  • Zhixiong Zhang, Assistant Director of National Science Library, National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (will not be able to participate)
  • Philip G. Kent, University Librarian, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Tim Klassen, Head, Science and Technology Library, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Eva Isaksson, Physics Librarian, University of Helsinki, Finland,
  • James (Jim) L. Mullins, Dean of Libraries and Esther Ellis Norton Professor, Purdue University, Representing Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), US
  • Martin Köhler, Head of Library and Documentation, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Representing Consortium arXiv-DH and HGF: Coordinated by the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) and Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany
  • Tracey Clark, Associate Director for Academic and Digital Strategies, University of Sheffield Library Jisc,Representing Jisc, UK
  • Alison M. Scott, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly Communication, University of California, Riverside  University of California, Representing University of California, US
  • Yuri Tschinkel, Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, Director of Mathematics and the Physical Sciences, Representing Simons Foundation, US  (will not be able to participate)
  • Takashi Hikihara, Professor, Director General of Library Network, Kyoto University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Representing Japan NII Consortia

Ex Officio Members

Cornell University Library

  • Oya Y. Rieger, arXiv Program Director
  • Jim Entwood, arXiv Operations Manager
  • Martin Lessmeister, arXiv Lead Developer
  • Sandy Payette, arXiv CTO
  • Anne Kenney, University Librarian
  • Dean Krafft, Director of IT & CTS

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Karen Vogtmann, Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick, UK/Cornell University


  • Craig Moran, Jisc, Directorate Operations Manager
  • Raym Crow, Chain Bridge Group & SPARC


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