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Cornell University Library (CUL) holds the overall administrative and financial responsibility for arXiv's operation and development, with guidance from its Member Advisory Board (MAB) and its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) (see arXiv Governance Model). Based on the arXiv's operating principles, MAB represents participating institutions’ interests and advises CUL on issues related to repository management and development, standards implementation, interoperability, development priorities, business planning, and outreach and advocacy. Representation on MAB is reserved for libraries, research institutions, laboratories, and foundations that are members of arXiv and that contribute to the financial support of the service. The MAB bylaws detail the goals, composition, operation, and election of the Board.

Composition of MAB
* terms began in January 2013 and they were modified as 4- and 6-year terms to allow sufficient time for the members to contribute to the group as MAB is a new organization.

MAB will have 13 voting members in three categories:

1. Contributing Organizations

Eight voting members from 72 Contributing Organizations, elected through an election process.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Theoretical Physics, Sweden, Tommy Ohlsson, Professor (6-year term)

Tommy Ohlsson is a full professor in theoretical physics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. His research field is theoretical particle physics, particularly neutrino physics and physics beyond the so-called Standard Model. He is an author of around 90 scientific publications (most of them are available on arXiv) and one textbook "Relativistic Quantum Physics" published at Cambridge University Press. Recently, he has joined the debate about Open Access publishing, especially focusing on the "green" arXiv model (see Nature 489, 367; 2012). He has also written a popular science text about the theory of special relativity at 

Los Alamos National Laboratory, US, Carol Hoover, Digital Information Resources Manager (6-year term)

Carol has been managing digital collections at LANL for over 10 years. She understands core science areas/R&D at LANL, actively seeks to integrate OA content into the Library collections and champions OA with LANL researchers. She has been a member of the SCOAP3 Technical Working Group, helping to develop the specifications for the market tender, and is now a US representative on the SCOAP3 Governing Council. She has served on many publisher Library Advisory Boards and has a strong and deep working knowledge of publishing business models, issues in scholarly publishing and budgeting and business practices across federal government libraries. She received a 2011 LANL Distinguished Performance Award for her work setting up a DOE complex-wide consortia licensing model for subscription-based content.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, Tracy Gabridge, Associate Director for Research & Instructional Services (6-year term)

Tracy Gabridge has held a variety of positions including co-Head of the Engineering and Science Libraries during her 13 years at MIT.  Her library career focus has been on developing and evolving liaison services to match the highly dynamic needs of the MIT community, using a variety of assessment tools including ethnographic methods to inform action.   Tracy has been an active participant in the support and implementation of MIT's Open Access Policy.  Recently she investigated content use principles in Massively Open Online Classes (MOOCs) as part of the edX Libraries Collaborative group. She began her work in libraries in 2000 after a successful career as an electrical engineer and manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies.

University of Alberta, Canada, Tim Klassen, Head, Science and Technology Library (6-year term)

Tim Klassen is Head, Science & Technology Library at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Alberta. Previous positions include Head of the Science Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and at Wesleyan University. He was also a Science Librarian at Southern Connecticut State University and the University of Oregon, and was Systems Librarian at Southern Connecticut State University. Tim has almost 20 years of experience in Physics collection development and has been involved in a number of Physics journal evaluation projects. Current interests include assessment, e-science, and all issues related to OA publishing. He’s a 20 year plus member of ALA, has served on several STS committees, and is currently co-chair of the Assessment Committee.


Three vacant seats to be filled in early 2017

2. High-Contributing Organizations

Four voting members representing each consortia or national organization member that contributes 5% or more of arXiv’s annual income. The MAB Bylaws specify up to five voting members from this category and currently there are four eligible groups (representing 61 organizations).

Big Ten Academic Alliance, US,  Anne Langley, Associate Dean for Research, Collections, and Scholarly Communications, Penn State Libraries


Consortium arXiv-DH and HGF: Coordinated by the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) and Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany, Martin Köhler, Head of Library and Documentation, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Germany (4- or 6-year institutional term - based on the number of High-Contributing Organizations)

Martin Köhler is Head of Library and Documentation at DESY, representing the Helmholtz Association in the arXiv-DH and HGF consortium. DESY Library and Documentation is part of INSPIRE, the high-energy physics literature database and actively involved in Open Access activities as SCOAP³, where he participated in the Steering committee. He studied physics and gained his doctorate at University of Hamburg in theoretical physics.

Jisc, UK, Tracey Clark, Associate Director for Academic and Digital Strategies, University of Sheffield Library (4- or 6-year institutional term - TBD based on the number of High-Contributing Organizations)

Tracey Clarke is currently Associate Director for Academic and Digital Strategies at the University of Sheffield Library and has responsibility for academic faculty engagement across the subject spectrum. Her portfolio includes support for researchers and research outputs, open access publishing, repositories infrastructure and library technology. Tracey is responsible for the University Library's content procurement and collection development and analysis encompassing both the digital library and print collection. She had been actively involved with the White Rose Libraries consortium for a number of years contributing to a number of strategic issues including repository development, collaborative collection management and most recently the founding of the White Rose University Press.

University of California, US, Alison M. Scott, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly Communication, University of California, Riverside  (4- or 6-year institutional term - TBD based on the number of High-Contributing Organizations)

Alison M. Scott is the Associate University Librarian for Collections & Scholarly Communication at the University of California, Riverside. Before coming to California in 2014, she held positions in a variety of academic libraries, including Head of Collection Development for the George Washington University Libraries, Charles Warren Bibliographer for American History at Harvard University, and Head of the Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University. She holds master's degrees in religion and library science from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in American Studies from Boston University. Her research interests center on the history of the book in the United States, including women’s reading in the Early Republic, story papers of the Civil War era, and the relationships between prestige and collection development in academic libraries.

Japan NII Consortia, Takashi Hikihara, Professor, Director General of Library Network, Kyoto University, Department of Electrical Engineering, (4- or 6-year institutional term - TBD based on the number of High-Contributing Organizations)

 He has been at Kyoto University since 1997 and is a full professor in Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University. His research field is in nonlinear dynamics and its application, control and measurement, and power electronics.  He is an author of more than 100 scientific and technical papers. He became the Deputy Director General of Library Network, Kyoto University on April 2011, and the Director General on Oct. 2012.  As the Director, he led Kyoto University to declare Open Access Policy in 2015, which has impacted other institutes in Japan and invites them to green.

3. Simons Foundation

One voting member from the Simons Foundation.

Yuri Tschinkel, Director of Mathematics and the Physical Sciences, Simons Foundation, US
Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Yuri Tschinkel received his doctorate in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992. From 1992-95 he was Junior Fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows, and from 1995-96 he was a Leibniz fellow at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. Prior to joining the Simons Foundation in 2012, Tschinkel was a faculty member at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a visiting associate professor at Princeton University, the Gauss chair of mathematics at the University of Göttingen, and professor and chair of the mathematics department at the Courant Institute, New York University. He was also a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and held visiting fellowships at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge, University of Tokyo, Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in Paris, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, and Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Kyoto University. He serves on the editorial boards of Experimental Mathematics, the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, the Central European Journal of Mathematics, and the Progress in Mathematics series from Birkhäuser. Yuri Tschinkel studies higher-dimensional algebraic varieties, their hidden symmetries and rational points. He is an author of about 100 publications (most of them available on arXiv) and editor of 15 books.

Ex Officio Members

MAB has five non-voting ex-officio members:

Cornell University Library

Interim arXiv Scientific Director - vacant position

Oya Y. Rieger, arXiv Program Director (Associate University Librarian, Scholarly Resources & Preservation Services)

Martin Lessmeister, arXiv Lead Programmer

Jim Entwood, arXiv Operations Manager

Simeon Warner, arXiv Technology and Policy Advisor (Director, Software Development & Repository Architecture)


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Representatives

Karen Vogtmann, Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick | Cornell University

Vacant position

MAB Representatives to SAB

Carol Hoover, Digital Information Resources Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US

Vacant position


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