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Go to your personal Confluence page and...
  1. Add a page called "Training"; rename the page "My Confluence Training"; then delete it.  Need help adding a page? Need help deleting a page?
  2. Add a page called "All About Me". Need help adding a page?
  3. At the top of the text window, type in the title of the page in a medium-style heading. Need help editing a page?Need help with headings?
  4. Insert a picture of yourself (or whatever). Need help with images?
  5. Create a bullet list of your favorite foods.
  6. Create a numbered list of your favorite cities.
  7. Create a table with your 3 favorite movies and how often you have seen each. Need help with tables?
  8. Add a column to the table for your favorite actor in the movie. Need help with tables?
  9. Add a link to the Mann Admin Office wiki. Need help with linking?
  10. Add a link to the Keys page of the Mann Admin Office wiki. Need help with linking?
  11. Add a link to your favorite website. Need help with linking?
  12. At the bottom of the page add a note indicating how to contact you via e-mail. Need help with e-mailing?
  13. Format your page with columns. Need help using columns and sections?Need help with Column macro?Need help with Section macro?
  14. Go back to your Home page and add a second page called "Other Stuff". Need help adding a page?
  15. Edit your Home page to display the two "children" pages. Need help displaying children?
  16. Add attachments to your "All About Me" page and display them in the page. Need help with attachments?Need help listing attachments?
  17. Change the color/style of text on your "All About Me" page. Need help with text effects?
Other helpful options...
Now let's take a look at a wiki you will be updating...
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