It is possible to synchronize the members of an Active Directory group to Confluence.  We ask that the Active Directory group only contain NetIDs and not other objects such as doc accounts  which do not correspond to NetIDs.  Please provide the information below and allow up to two business days for the synchronization to begin.


Send email to: confluence[at]

Subject:  Confluence Active Directory Group synchronization

  1. Your name:
  2. Your netID:
  3. Name of the Active Directory group:




  1. Your name:  Ezra Egremont
  2. Your netID:  EWE1
  3. Space key or web-page address:  OIT-Net-Print-Operators


The resulting group will have the name "permit-activedirectorygroupname", for example, "permit-oit-net-print-operators".  The synchronization runs once a day at 2:30 am.  This means that NetIDs added during the day will not acquire the permissions associated with the group until the next day.

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