We create two groups when making a Confluence space.  Sometimes you might find it useful to have more than two permissions group, for example, if there are more than five people who will have permissions which differ from user or admin permissions.  Please provide the information below to request a new group.



Send email to: confluence[at]cornell.edu

Subject:  Confluence Help

  1. Your name:
  2. Your netID:
  3. Space key or the web-page address, where the space key is the letters in the web-page address after "display/":
  4. Suffix for the end of the group name.




  1. Your name:  Ezra Egremont
  2. Your netID:  EWE1
  3. Space key or web-page address:  sesqui or https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/sesqui
  4. Suffix for the end of the group name:  writers


The group we create will have the name "confluence-spacekey-suffix".  For example, "confluence-sesqui-writers".

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