We are glad to answer your questions about using the Confluence wiki.  You will find online information about Confluence in general on these pages.

To ask specific questions and report problems about using Confluence at Cornell, please send us the information below by email to the address confluence@cornell.edu.

OR we have a new Confluence Form in TDX (https://tdx.cornell.edu/TDClient/39/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=117)

Send email to: confluence@cornell.edu

Subject:  Confluence Help

  1. Your name:
  2. Your netID:
  3. Space key or the web-page address, where the space key is the letters in the web-page address after "display/":
  4. Description of the problem or question:


  1. Your name:  Ezra Egremont
  2. Your netID:  EWE1
  3. Space key or web-page address:  sesqui or https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/sesqui
  4. Description of the problem or question:  Shawn who has the netID SS33 cannot view the web page https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/sesqui/restricted.  What should we do to give him access?
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