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Metadata is structured data that facilitates discovery, access, administration and preservation of resources.

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We provide expert metadata guidance and services to our Cornell University Library colleagues, and consultations to the wider Cornell University community, other academic libraries, non-profit organizations, agencies, and journal publishers.

Services include:


  • Review project requirements and make recommendations
  • Analyze existing metadata and recommend transformation strategies, when appropriate
  • Educate and train metadata creators on best practices


  • Identify community metadata standards to best describe and serve resources
  • Create data models that foster seamless access, interoperability and reuse
  • Facilitate desired levels of access and appropriate repositories that fit project needs
  • Establish workflows for metadata creation or capture


  • Reformat metadata to meet project specifications
  • Modify metadata to conform with community standards or project guidelines
  • Work with stakeholders to maintain consistency and best practices

Guiding Principles:

When providing metadata solutions, we strive to be:

  • User-centered: Develop metadata practices that are reflective, thoughtful, appropriately innovative, and driven by clear use cases.

  • Sustainable: Meet the interoperability needs of the present, while recognizing currently available resources and what is maintainable, and establish a flexible foundation to address future needs.

  • Collaborative: Develop partnerships that achieve consistent descriptive practices, while ensuring responsible labor practices and the mindful inclusion of individuals and communities reflected in our collections.

  • Process-oriented: Value and remain committed to establishing clearly defined lines of communication, roles, priorities, scope, and open documentation practices.

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