Background: Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Reading (antigenic formula 1,4,[5],12:f,g:[1,2]) is a serovar of the O:4 (B) serogroup. It has been implicated in foodborne illness, as well as a breast abscess, and a case of osteomyelitis.

Animal reservoir: Poultry and swine are the implicated reservoirs for serovar Reading, and it has been the cause of death in turkey poults

Geographical distribution: S. Reading has been reported in the US. 

Outbreaks: Several outbreaks linked to S. Reading have been reported.

YearLocationAssociated ProductNumber of cases
2018US-multistateTurkey Products164
2016US-multistateAlfalfa sprouts29*

*24 patients were infected with S. Reading, and 5 patients were co-infected with S. Reading and another serovar

Recalls:  Food recalls linked to S. Reading are reported below:

YearLocationRecalled productType
2016US-multistateAlfalfa sproutsproduce

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