AWS in Plain English

AWS In Plain English

Azure and AWS Analogs

Folks familiar with AWS who are learning Azure or who are familiar with Azure and learning AWS commonly find it challenging to map terminology from one service to the other. This page provides a mapping between services and names of resource types from each vendor. We include only the most commonly used services and terms.

For a more complete mapping between Azure and AWS Services see


Resource Type Names

Virtual Network (VNet)Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Cloud virtual networking
SubnetsSubnetsVirtual network segmentation

Network Security Groups

Application Security Groups

Network ACL

Security Group

Network traffic filtering
Load BalancerNetwork Load BalancerLoad-balancing traffic at layer 4
Application GatewayApplication Load BalancerLoad balancing traffic at layer 7
Azure managed disksElastic Block Store (EBS)Virtual server disks
Azure Files

Elastic File System (EFS)


Managed NFS and CIFS file systems