We encourage all Cornell teams, staff, and faculty to contact the Cloud Team (cloud-support@cornell.edu) if they have an AWS account that they use for Cornell business or research purposes and that is not part of the contract that Cornell has with AWS. Here are some of the benefits of getting a new AWS account, or bringing an existing AWS account to the master Cornell-AWS contract.

  • Access to free AWS Enterprise Support, AWS Solutions Architects, and AWS Technical Account Managers.
  • Standard audit and security configuration in your AWS account. See Standard AWS Account Configurations
  • The option of connecting your AWS VPC(s) to campus networking with AWS Direct Connect. See Cornell AWS Direct Connect.
  • A contract negotiated between Cornell and AWS. This is different from the click-through contract that you would have with a stand-alone AWS account. In particular it clarifies intellectual property rights.
  • Automated billing of AWS costs to the Cornell KFS system. You specify a default KFS account for your AWS account, but you can also tag AWS resources with “Cost Center” tags and automatically bill specific resources to specific KFS accounts.
  • Read-only access to your AWS account by the Cloudification Team, who can help troubleshoot issues or answer specific questions you might have.
  • Automatic participation in the AWS Data Egress Waiver for Cornell (https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/CLOUD/AWS+FAQs - AWSFAQs-WhatistheAWSDataEgressWaiver?) that reimburses charges for bandwidth out to the public internet.
  • Access to all features and services that AWS offers.
  • Access to the AWS Console via Cornell Two-Step Login (SSO)
  • Reduced pricing for tiered AWS services (e.g., S3 storage, Lambda GB-seconds, bandwidth) due to tier calculations based on the whole of Cornell's usage.

How do I tell whether my AWS account is under the master Cornell-AWS contract?

  • If an AWS account is being paid for with a Cornell procurement card, or with personal funds, it is not part of the master Cornell-AWS contract.

How do I sign up for the master Cornell-AWS contract?