With the change to the pricing model of public IPv4 addresses at AWS, you may want to see exactly what resources have been provisioned in your account. AWS Cost Explorer can be utilized for this purpose.

Generate an AWS Cost Explorer report to show public IPv4 use

  1. Log in to your AWS account
  2. Navigate to Billing and Cost ManagementCost Explorer
  3. In Cost Explorer, set the Date Range as needed
    1. Set the Dimension of “API operation”
    2. Set the Usage type “USE1-PublicIPv4:IdleAddress (Hrs)” and “USE1-PublicIPv4:InUseAddress (Hrs)”
  4. The above report parameters will return four values in "Usage (Hrs)"
    1. AssociateAddressVPC’ = Elastic IP associated with a resource (an EC2 instance, or maybe other things like an NLB, etc.)

    2. DescribeNetworkInterfaces’ = AWS managed service public IP

    3. RunInstances’ = EC2 instance default (i.e. non-elastic) public IP

    4. AllocateAddressVPC’ = Elastic IP that are idle in your account


Announcement from AWS of the change and cost: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-aws-public-ipv4-address-charge-public-ip-insights/

How to identify usage: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/networking-and-content-delivery/identify-and-optimize-public-ipv4-address-usage-on-aws/

Announcement to campus (login required): 2024-01-05 AWS Charges for Public IPv4 Addresses

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