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AWS Weekly Roundup: Advanced capabilities in Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q, and more (July 15, 2024).
July 16, 2024: Updated link for “IDE workspace context awareness in Amazon Q Developer chat” As expected, there were lots of exciting launches and updates announced during the AWS Summit New York. You can quickly scan the highlights in Top Announcements of the AWS Summit in New York, 2024. My colleagues and fellow AWS News […]
Vector search for Amazon MemoryDB is now generally available
Store, index, retrieve, and search vectors with in-memory performance for use cases like retrieval augmentation, semantic caching, and anomaly detection through single-digit millisecond queries.
Build enterprise-grade applications with natural language using AWS App Studio (preview)
Effortlessly build apps with AI-powered low-code tools, enabling organizations to create secure custom apps in minutes without dev teams - streamlining processes like claims, inventory, and approvals.
Amazon Q Apps, now generally available, enables users to build their own generative AI apps
Craft generative AI apps from conversations using natural language and approved data sources. Customize securely shared apps, specifying data sources per card and new APIs for programmatic app management.
Customize Amazon Q Developer (in your IDE) with your private code base
Unlock hyper-relevant code suggestions tailored to your codebase; enhance productivity with Amazon Q Developer's private customization while maintaining robust data privacy and security standards.
Agents for Amazon Bedrock now support memory retention and code interpretation (preview)
Agents for Amazon Bedrock now offer Memory to retain user context and Code Interpreter to dynamically execute code snippets—whether for data analysis, visualization, or complex problem-solving.
Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock can now detect hallucinations and safeguard apps built using custom or third-party FMs
Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock adds hallucination detection and an independent API to fortify generative AI applications with customized guardrails across any model, ensuring responsible and trustworthy outputs.
Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock now supports additional data connectors (in preview)
Enhance company knowledge bases with new Amazon Bedrock connectors for Confluence, Salesforce, SharePoint, and web domains - empowering RAG models with contextual data for more accurate and relevant responses.
Introducing Amazon Q Developer in SageMaker Studio to streamline ML workflows
Streamline your ML workflows with this generative AI assistant providing tailored guidance, code generation, and error troubleshooting, to build, train, and deploy models efficiently.
Monitor data events in Amazon S3 Express One Zone with AWS CloudTrail
CloudTrail data event logging enables auditing for governance and compliance of object operations like PutObject and GetObject. Leverage high performance and low cost for latency-sensitive workloads.
Top Announcements of the AWS Summit in New York, 2024
Along with a plethora of new launches, read about the latest models in Amazon Bedrock and new features for Amazon Q.
Integrate your data and collaborate using data preparation in AWS Glue Studio
With AWS Glue's new visual interface, data teams can collaboratively build ETL pipelines, bridging the gap between analysts and engineers through an intuitive, shareable canvas.
AWS Graviton4-based Amazon EC2 R8g instances: best price performance in Amazon EC2
Discover the price performance and sustainability benefits of Graviton4 with Amazon EC2 R8g instances, ideal for memory-intensive workloads.
AWS Weekly Roundup: Amazon S3 Access Grants, AWS Lambda, European Sovereign Cloud Region, and more (July 8, 2024).
I counted only 21 AWS news since last Monday, most of them being Regional expansions of existing services and capabilities. I hope you enjoyed a relatively quiet week, because this one will be busier. This week, we’re welcoming our customers and partners at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the AWS Summit New York on […]
AWS Weekly Roundup: AI21 Labs’ Jamba-Instruct in Amazon Bedrock, Amazon WorkSpaces Pools, and more (July 1, 2024)
AWS Summit New York is 10 days away, and I am very excited about the new announcements and more than 170 sessions. There will be A Night Out with AWS event after the summit for professionals from the media and entertainment, gaming, and sports industries who are existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers or have […]
Amazon WorkSpaces Pools: Cost-effective, non-persistent virtual desktops
Streamline virtual desktop management: provision non-persistent desktops, configure apps and resources, and automatically scale capacity based on demand, all from a centralized platform.
Introducing end-to-end data lineage (preview) visualization in Amazon DataZone
Trace data from origin to insights with an intuitive visual graph, empowering engineers, analysts, and admins to validate provenance, troubleshoot pipelines, and ensure governance with ease.
Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports GitLab and Bitbucket repositories, with blueprints and Amazon Q feature development
Manage your code across popular git repositories with Amazon CodeCatalyst's new integration with and Bitbucket Cloud. Use blueprints and Amazon Q feature development.
Optimizing Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) for speed and scale
Amazon SQS boosts performance, scaling capabilities, and energy efficiency without impacting existing behavior - a behind-the-scenes look at AWS's continuous improvement journey.
AWS Weekly Roundup: Claude 3.5 Sonnet in Amazon Bedrock, CodeCatalyst updates, SageMaker with MLflow, and more (June 24, 2024)
This week, I had the opportunity to try the new Anthropic Claude 3.5 Sonnet model in Amazon Bedrock just before it launched, and I was really impressed by its speed and accuracy! It was also the week of AWS Summit Japan. JAWS-UG, a Japanese AWS user group, held various sessions with AWS Heroes and Community Builders at […]

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