1. From your Canvas Course, click the '@Risk Pilot' button from the Navigation Pane.
  2. Click the 'open to a new tab' button.
  3. Sign in to Microsoft with your netid@cornell.edu
  4. Select 'Work or school account'
  5. Sign into Cornell University's page:
  6. Authorize DUO Two Factor Prompt (if requested:
  7. When asked if you want to 'Stay signed in?', we recommend you say yes; however this is up to you.
  8. You are now at the Windows Virtual Desktop log on page:
  9. Double Click Google Drive File Stream
  10. On the 'Access local resources' prompt, click Allow:
  11. This will start the connection to the Windows Remote App and launch the Google Drive File Stream Application.
  12. Sign in to the Windows Virtual Desktop with your netid@cornell.edu and password:
  13. When prompted by Google Drive File Stream, sign in with your netid@cornell.edu.  Note: The Google Drive File Stream Application Icon is now displayed next to the 'All Resources' button under the URL.
    1. If you have two-step for Google setup, please complete the 2-Step Verification:
    2. The Google Drive File Stream Application is now open:
    3. Click the X in the top right or the right arrow to close the window.
  14. File Explorer will open and show you that your Google Drive is now connected and mapped to G:\
  15. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  All files should ALWAYS be saved to your Google Drive (G:\My Drive\).  Files not saved to your Google Drive will be lost and unrecoverable when you Sign out/Log off.
  16. Click the All Resources button at the top left of the window and click the '@RISK 7.6' Application:
  17. You will see Excel open and please click 'Sign In'
  18. You will be prompted to Activate Office, please use your netid@cornell.edu to complete this one time activation step.
  19. Select 'Work or School account' when prompted:
  20. Sign in to Cornell University with your netid:
  21. Complete the DUO 2-Factor authentication step:
    1. Click the All Resources button at the top left of the window and click the '@RISK 7.6' Application:
    2. "@Risk" will run and ask if you want to share statistics, select yes or no
  22. "@Risk" has now launched, chose and option from the splash screen or hit 'Close'
  23. You will notice "@RISK" is and its functions are now added to the Excel Ribbon:
  24. Once this initial sign on process is complete, you can click your name in the top right corner and select sign out.
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