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  • How Water Flows Through the Plant

  • Wiki Organization

    • Wiki Organization Guide

      • This page will show you exactly where and how to add information/graphs/equations/etc to your subteam wiki spaces. 
  • ProCoDA

    • ProCoDA Functions
      • Provides a comprehensive description of how to utilize mathematical and control functions in process controller.
    • Research Methods and ProCoDA Tutorial

      • Provides an on-line version of the beginning of semester teach-in of automated experimental processes including information on process control software, laboratory set-up, and experimental design.
  • Python 
    • Python Tutorial
      • Provides instructions on downloading Anaconda Navigator and getting set up with the tools to run our tutorial. 
  • AutoCAD
    • Download AutoCAD software

      • AutoDesk allows free download of its programs for students, including the current version of AutoCAD
  • Mathcad
    • MathCAD How-Tos
      • Page created by the design team to offer some quick tips and shortcuts for working in Mathcad
  • Camera
    • Connect to computer
      • Provides a how-to on connecting GigE cameras to a computer.  Includes links to software and firmware downloads.
    • Troubleshooting
      • Contains links to useful troubleshooting pages and lists issues that were encountered in the lab and how they were solved.
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