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Access Services reports
CUL Report Code
and Link to Query
Last UpdatedReport NameDescription~Time to runRelated JIRA
REP Issues
CR1001/14/22loans_countsloans by location
title_countprovides title counts for non-electronic resources cataloged in inventory by various filters
CR1034/12/22annex_non_circulating_itemsThis query finds items at the Annex that have a "non-circulating" permanent loan type, excluding rare and special collections. It also finds items with an hourly loan type.~1 minute

shows a list of items that patrons claim they have returned, but are not showing as checked in by the system (where the item status is 'claimed returned').

CR10511/16/21item_related_exceptionsshows a list of exceptions, which are actions taken by an operator (staff member) and are recorded in the circulation log. An example is when an item has been manually discharged or discharged by an operator.


creates a list of missing items, and includes all item details.
CR10701/31/22requestslist of patron requests within a specified date range, and by request type.
REP105; REP-143; REP-274; REP-275vp25, jl41
services_usagenumber of circulation transactions by service-point and transaction type, with time aggregated to date, day of week, and hour of day.
item count

provides a summary of item and piece counts for non-electronic resources cataloged in the Inventory, by various filters

acrl_circulationused for ACRL circulation count reporting
CR11812/14/21items_lost_in_transitList of items where item status is 'in transit' but they haven't been checked in at the home location (permanent location) after a specified time period. Therefore the items might have been lost or misplaced on their way back to their home location.


List of active patrons including patron details and group type (faculty, undergrads, etc.)


NOTE: under review; contact jl41 or vp25

list of items that were lost and paid for by the patron, but later found and returned. Identifies items for which patrons need to be reimbursed. 
CR1261203/0910/2123Borrow_direct_interlibrary_loan_recallsProvides This query provides a list of items owned by CUL and borrowed by BD/ILL patrons, overdue CUL-owned items checked out to Borrow Direct or Interlibrary loan patrons that have been recalled (these items have not yet been received by CUL, based on the current due date). 
REP-272vp25, jl41
CR12712/10/21Borrow_direct_interlibrary_loan_overdue_itemsProvides a list of items owned by CUL and borrowed by BD/ILL patrons, that are overdue.


10/06/22ceased_or_cancelled_serials_with_annex_matchesProvides a list of ceased or cancelled serials based on the specified location and shows matches to the annex where they exist. The holdings summary for both the specified location and the annex location are displayed. 

jl41, vp25

CR14501/28/22Equipment_with_holdings_checkouts_statCodesThis report shows all laptops and equipment for a given library, with total checkouts and renewals as of today's date. It includes patron group name as well as stat codes to indicate whether the item has been archived or not. . 
REP-291, REP-103jl41, vp25
CR14801/19/22Expired_patrons_with_unreturned_overdue booksFinds all expired patrons with unreturned overdue books (most are lost). Shows book details and some patron information (net ID, patron group).
REP-292jl41, vp25
CR14901/28/22Checkouts_by_loan_policy_and_material_type _overviewOverview of checkouts by owning library, loan policy and material type. Allows you to see how libraries are circulating their equipment.
Newjl41, vp25

Reserve statistics for a given semester, for both e-reserve and print reserve. Requires separate queries to pull out data from Ares, which is then imported into the LDP.

NOTE: This query cannot be run unless data from ARES are imported into the LDP.

REP-106jl41, vp25
CR15101/28/22checkouts_by_useridFinds checkouts by a specific userid. This report is used to get a list of checkouts for an individual patron. It also contains patron information. 
Newjl41, vp25
CR15202/10/22patron_groups_with_demographicsThis report groups and counts active patrons by college and department.
REP-271jl41, vp25
CR15302/10/22active_patrons_with_demographicsThis report provides a list of all active patrons, along with their demographics (name, netid, college, department, patron group).
REP-271jl41, vp25
CR15502/22/22Title_count_by_fiscal_year_VoyagerProvides a count of titles acquired by fiscal year in a given location, using pre-Folio data from Voyager. This report does not contain subject headings. Needs access to VGER data.
Newjl41, vp25


Provides a count of historical charges. This query can be modified to get item level details. Although it is possible to use filters such as location, call number, item type, item create date, material type, and Voyager bib ids, the filters in this report are hard-coded, as they are a complex set of filters. Please ask Joanne Leary for assistance.  Details at the item level are not available. Needs access to VGER data.
Newjl41, vp25

Checkouts of the last month by library, patron group, and material type.

New jl41, vp25

Compilation of requests grouped by date, owning library, location, type of requests, status of requests, pickup point,  type of service point, patron group name, and material type.

Newjl41, vp25
CR1705/12/22item_status_in_processShows items that still have an "in Process" status, which may indicate that they were not properly discharged when they were received at the owning library (after being cataloged). < 1 minuteNEWjl41, vp25
CR1715/23/22BD_ILL_selectors_report -Part 1Lists title, patron group and department (where available) for items borrowed by CUL patrons from other universities on Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan. Parameters for loan date range included. a few secondsREP-156jl41
CR1725/24/22BD_ILL_selectors_report - Part 2Lists item details for items borrowed from CUL by other universities' patrons on Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan. Parameters for loan date range included. a few secondsREP-156jl41, vp25

This report finds items with an 'In process' status. Typically, a newly cataloged book is sent to the owning library 1-3 days after being cataloged and bookmarked, where it is discharged, which changes the status from “In process” to “Available.” This report shows books that still have an 'In process' status (status date shown), which may be those that were received but haven’t been discharged before they were shelved. The only parameter is for owning library. The catalog link is shown to make it easy to view the display in the catalog.


This query counts Voyager checkouts at a given circ desk and date range by semester, year, month, weekday, hour, patron group, loan period, item type and collection group (regular collection, laptop, equipment or reserve). It is used to show a very granular level of detail of Voyager circ desk activity. The results are meant to be exported to Excel and then analyzed by pivot tables or other means.

NEWjl41, vp25
CR18310/11/22laptop_circ_countsThis query counts laptop circs by library, date, loan type, and laptop type (Mac or PC).  Please note that until August 2022, Mann laptop laptop loans were made through LibCal as well as Folio, and this report includes only Folio counts. As of early August 2022, all Mann laptop loans are in Folio. 
NEWjl41, vp25
CR1899/20/22book_listThis query creates a list of books at a specified library showing title, author, call number, year of publication and number of circs (Voyager plus Folio).
NEWjl41, vp25
CR19010/11/22inactive_patrons_with_open_finesThis query finds inactive patrons with open fines. 
NEWjl41, vp25
CR19310/25/22filled_delivery_requestsThis query provides a count of all contactless delivery and circulation desk pickup requests, by fiscal year. Patron group, material type, request type, and location details are included. 
CR19411/14/22checkouts_and_checkins_by_date_range_and_service_pointThis query finds checkouts and checkins by month for a given service point and date range. Item records that have been deleted will show a material type name of "Unknown". Because most deleted records are equipment records, these items have been categorized as "Equipment" collection type as a best guess.~3 secondsNEWjl41

This query identifies laptops and equipment with an item status of "Aged to lost," "Declared lost" or "Lost and paid" and displays the loan and borrower information.

CR19712/15/22physical_materials_counts_by_marc_format_typeThis query provides a count of all distinct instances, holdings, and items, by marc format type as classified using the 06 and 07 fields in the Marc leader.  It also includes format types based on the old Voyager bib format table, for comparison purposes. 
NEWjl41, vp25
CR19802/16/23lost_laptops_and_equipmentThis query finds lost laptops and equipment items at a given library.
NEWjl41, vp25
CR1992/23/23serials_by_owning_library_and_annex_holdingsThis query gets serials by owning library and LC class, and shows holdings at the Annex. 
NEWjl41, vp25
CR2002/28/23newly_received_items_countsThis query provides a count of newly received items by library and date. Item details are not included. 
NEWjl41, vp25

This query gets Olin items that were purchased as "CouttsShelfReady" in LC classes A and K. An instance create date of 6/18/21 is a migrated record from Voyager.

NEWjl41, vp25
CR2023/1/23patron_purchase_requests_folioThis query lists all patron purchase requests in Folio, including patron netid (where available), item details, circ count,  fund information, and item cost. 
NEWjl41, vp25