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Continued Improvements to Search: We will continue to improve our search interfaces, and introduce new features throughout the year. For example, we plan to include full text search as part of the native search interface.

   Status: In progress; full text is ongoing, search not yet start

Better Support for External Links: Users expect to be able to link to relevant source code, datasets, and other resources from their arXiv e-prints. We currently support limited linking from e-print abstracts and submission comments. We plan to release an interface that allows users to curate external links to their e-prints in a more organized fashion without requiring replacement submissions.

   Status: Not startedDeferred until 2020

Archiving arXiv: In order to ensure that we have a broad network of preservation strategies, in 2018 we began assessing several archival service providers with the intent to establish a third-party dark archive for our core e-print metadata and content. The dark archive will help to ensure perpetual long-term access to arXiv content in the event of a sustained outage to the platform. In 2019, we will begin working with one or more providers to implement this dark archive solution.


Maintenance and Operational Support: A significant amount of developer effort is devoted to a range of activities that ensure that the service continues to run smoothly. Activities include (but are not limited to) to server maintenance and troubleshooting, service monitoring, analytics, internal support requests, bug fixes, and ad hoc meetings and conferences

   Status: Ongoing with additional allocation of effort in Q4

Moderation and User Support


Society-arXiv Collaboration Pilot: arXiv and scientific societies have a shared mission to serve the scientific community, and they hold a common interest in working together to ensure that arXiv has a sustainable future that is well positioned to create an even stronger value proposition for researchers. We will implement a pilot Society membership tier and develop an assessment process and success criteria to help us assess the outcomes.

   Status: In progress; established society membership tierCompleted

Fundraising: We will strengthen and further diversify our fundraising strategies to support arXiv NG plan and align with the development of a 5-year Vision (see above), including inviting additional arXiv users (libraries, research organizations, and corporations) to become members and increase individual and corporation giving.

   Status: In progress; increased members and giving; major diversification deferred until after Executive Director is hiredOngoing

arXiv Labs: In 2018 we created an R&D environment in arXiv Labs to explore new arXiv features and understand technical, policy, maintenance and user support needs prior to integration with the production system. We will continue our exploration and look into identifying alternative revenue sources in support of arXiv Labs.