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Continue the membership drive & identify new funding sources: Ensuring a broad international network of supporters requires an ongoing effort in order to develop new outreach strategies and revenue sources. We will continue our efforts in increasing awareness about sustainability issues and the arXiv business plan. Also, we will raise additional revenue streams through online fund raising campaigns and the promotion of the new sponsorship program.

Status: In progress with successful online fund raising efforts.

Create a business model for 2018-2022: This is the final year of our 5-year business plan. We have started planning for the next 5-years during 2016 and will finalize and announce the new model, including a revised tier structure.

Status: The new business model was finalized and rolled out in Spring 2017: 2018-2022: Sustainability Plan for Classic arXiv

Raise funds to support arXiv-NG project: In addition to raising funds to support the current arXiv operation, during 2016, we successfully secured two grants in the amount of $650,000 to initiate the next-generation arXiv initiative, which is envisioned to be a 3-year project with a total budget of $2+ million. Therefore it is essential that we continue writing grants to raise the necessary funds for successful and timely completion of the project.  Click for more information on arXiv-NG initiative.

Status: In progress - proposal submitted to Heising-Simons Foundation

arXiv Next Generation (arXiv-NG)