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MAE Courses
MAE 4580 Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering (not offered 2018-19)
MAE 4590 Introduction to Controlled Fusion
MAE 5010 Future Energy Systems
MAE 5020 Wind Power
MAE 5459 Energy Seminar I
MAE 5469 Energy Seminar II

Other Engineering Courses
AEP 5500 Applied Solid State Physics of Renewable Energy
BEE 6880 Applied Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems CHEME 6640 Energy Economics  (not offered 20182019-1920)
CHEME 6640 Energy Economics
CHEME 6641 Energy Value Chain Module  (not offered 2019-20)
CHEME 6650 Energy Engineering  (not offered 2019-20)
CHEME 6660 Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems
CHEME 6661 Bioenergy and Biofuels Module
CHEME 6662 Solar Energy Module
CHEME 6664 Hydrokinetic and Aerodynamic Energy Module
CHEME 6667 Transportation Energy Systems Module
CHEME 6670 Fossil Fuels Module
CHEME 6671 Nuclear Energy Module
CHEME 6672 Electric Power Systems Module
CHEME 6673 Tools for Analyzing Energy and Society
CHEME 6674 Energy Metals Module Source, Use and Challenges
CHEME 6675 Energy Life Cycle Assessment Module