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The specific properties of the material Cornellian needs to be inputted into ANSYS. Start by right clicking on Engineering Data and then clicking on Edit.. as seen below.

At this point a new window will open. Under Outline of Schematic A2: Engineering Data there will be a box with text inside that says "Click here to add a new material". Click on that box and type in Cornellian and then press enter.

Now, expand the Linear Elastic tab on the right and double click on Isotropic Elasticity.

Now, the properties of "Cornellian need to be inputted in to the Table of Properties Row 2: Isotropic Elasticity window. Set the temperature to 25 degrees C., set Young's Modulus to 2.8x10^(10) Pascals and set Poisson's Ratio to 0.4. Note that the formulation of this model is independent of the Poisson's Ratio. Hence the solution will change if a different number is used.

At this point the project can be returned to. Click on the Return to Project button, .