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It is easiest to create a project after the groups and schemes have been created.

For each project create one or more groups first (see info below), then create a permission scheme (giving access to the group(s) you created) and a notification scheme (specifying which should get email notifications and under what circumstances).  Lastly create the project, specifying which permission scheme and notification scheme to use.

Create Groups

Follow the vendor directions for creating a group and adding people to a group. If you need to create new accounts, follow these instructions.


  • Make a unique Permission Scheme for your project. Don't use the default one.
  • Your permission scheme should be named XXXXXX-permissions where XXXXXX is the Project Key that you will use when creating the project.
  • Edit the permission scheme to give the XXXXXX-administrators group full rights, the XXXXXX-developers group full rights except for administering the project and closing issues, and the XXXXXX-viewers group browse and commenting rights only.
Create Notification Scheme


  • Make a unique Notification Scheme for your project by copying the Default Notification Scheme.  Don't just use the default one.
  • Your notification scheme should be named "ZZZZZZZZZZ Notification Scheme" where ZZZZZZZZZZ XXXXXX-notifications where XXXXXX is the Project Name Key that you will use when creating the project.