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  1. CPL Lab Meetings: History

    CPL Lab Meetings  (main page) Fall Semester 2018-2019  – Wednesdays 5:00 pm in Uris Hall 254 29 August 2018:  Booting up Greetings, introductions, and selecting of presentation days. 5 September 2018:  Thom Cleland Overview of coding/learning hypothesis in the deep olfactory bulb. 12 September 2018: 
    CPL Public WikiFeb 05, 2019
  2. 3D Conduction

    ANSYS Google Analytics Author: Samuel H. Smith, Cornell University 3D Conduction: Tips and Tricks 2. Geometry Tips for importing a Geometry from a CAD Package: Divide the geometry into suitable components. This will be an "assembly" in a standard CAD package. Save the CAD geometry in STEP f
    SimCafeJan 19, 2014
  3. Ramping up and down cloud services to save money

    For some chemists (mostly theoretical chemists), they benefit from systems which are up 24x7. For researcher who don't have such persistent needs, they may be able to save enormous amounts using the cloud by paying only for the resources you actually use. If there are acceptable down times, bring things down and don't
    Chemistry IT (ChemIT)Apr 21, 2016
  4. News and Updates

    News Archive New Blog AguaClara at Cornell has started a blog We hope that features like RSS and email subscriptions will make it easier to keep track of AguaClara's progress, and at the same time make it easier for us to provide you with updates. Plant AutoCAD Flythrough A
    AguaClaraNov 09, 2011
  5. Video - Day 2 of Confluence Training

    Research Division SandboxSep 29, 2015
  6. HOME

    This is the Rowgometer wiki blog homepage. Layout and setup were created by 00d4eab94afcfd33014afd069cd93fcb on 4 June 2013. Please do not edit this page (HOME) unless you know what you are doing. ErgSilhouette2.png Pages 00d4eab94afcfd33014afd069cd93fcb  Andrea Lin  Steven Moses  Prof
    RowgometerJul 03, 2013
  7. Differential Dynamics - How Torque is Split Evenly

    A Differential relates the angular positions and forces of three gears on a common axis of rotation. They are commonly used in car steering systems to make sure that when a car rounds a corner, the inside wheel spins less than the outside wheel. In our erg,
    RowgometerJun 06, 2013
  8. Plane Frame - Physics Setup

    Plane Frame - Panel ANSYS Google Analytics Physics Setup   Assign the Young's modulus. Apply the boundary conditions and make sure the structure is well-constrained to prevent motion in x,y,z.  Go to Step 5: Numerical Solution Go to all ANSYS Learning Modules
    SimCafeSep 27, 2017
  9. Plane Frame - Pre-Analysis & Start-Up

      Plane Frame - Panel ANSYS Google Analytics Pre-Analysis  In the cantilever beam tutorial, we considered the case when a bar is subjected to a transverse load. We solved this case using the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory which assumes that transverse loads can only cause any point on the midline to move in the transve
    SimCafeOct 11, 2017
  10. Bike Crank AIM - Mesh

    ANSYS Google Analytics Bike Crank AIM Tutorial- Panel Mesh The video below demonstrates the steps to mesh the geometry using Hexahedral elements which look like boxes. Hexahedral (or hex) elements yield higher accuracy compared with the default tetrahedral (or tet) elements for the same number of nodes. Summary o
    SimCafeApr 29, 2016