The goal of the next-gen arXiv (arXiv-NG) initiative is to improve the architecture of the service’s core infrastructure. Funded by the Sloan Foundation, the ongoing Phase I planning activities (December 2016-May 2018) aims to evaluate different scenarios for the overall development and replacement process, settle on a specific one, and initiative technical development work. At this stage, we have largely settled on a strategy of incremental and modular renewal of the existing arXiv system ("Classic Renewal"), rather than building an entirely new system and migrating to it. Currently, we are in the process of assessing various technology components as well as identifying collaboration and partnership options. We will put in place initial testing and implementation of some key technology components and develop new organizational and staffing models to ensure continuity in operations. The completion of the arXiv-NG initiative is anticipated to take approximately three years. Although the funding streams are separate, the arXiv team will take an integrated approach to consider the current operational system (Classic arXiv) and the next-gen system as a unified program. This approach is essential as we recruit and retain staff who will need to be conversant with the old and new systems, and transitioning from one to the other. We will strategically expand the core arXiv development team to bring new skills to the arXiv-NG project, while continuing to provide excellent support and maintenance of the production arXiv system.  

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you informed of new developments!