The goal of the wiki is to maintain up-to-date manuals, user-submitted recipes, and other information that may be helpful to the CNF community.

The wiki is only as useful as you make it. Please submit new recipes or guides using the contact form.

Further information is available at the official CNF User Website and on AFS. Recipes can also be found in the theses of past CNF users.


All recipes are meant as a starting point for your process and have been obtained under very specific control conditions. You will likely require some iteration of characterization runs in which you tweak the process time or process parameters. If you are not achieving the expected results, CNF staff can help you. Please seek the tool owner's advice. You should expect some process refinement when you are establishing a new process or have not run a process step for some time - this is normal.

Remember that you maintain responsibility for your use of all CNF tools, and should be careful not to damage the equipment when running special recipes. Contact the tool manager before attempting any unusual processing.


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