Welcome to the Confluence wiki at Cornell University. It combines powerful online authoring capabilities, deep Office integration and an extensive plugin catalog to help people work better together and share information effortlessly.

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Service Updates / Impacts

Certain Browser versions present issues while editing pages.  Use of a different browser is recommended when this occurs.


Confluence has been Upgraded to 8.5.11 6/27/24 (due to an open CVE)


Confluence servers moved to Reston, VA Data center 6/7/2024

Confluence has been Upgraded to 8.5.5 2/9/2024 (Datacenter)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.18 on 1/16/2024 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.17 on 12/6/2023 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.16 on 11/1/2023 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.14 on 9/30/2023 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.9 on 7/15/2023

Confluence Upgraded to 7.19.4 on 1/14/2023 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.13.7 on 6/6/2022 (due to an open CVE)

Confluence Upgraded to 7.13.2 on 1/14/2022

Confluence Upgraded to 7.4.6 on 1/10/2021

Confluence Migration to hosted vendor completed on 1/10/2021.  

Confluence account clean up has been completed on 6/21/2020

Confluence accounts and spaces belonging to graduated students and staff and faculty who have left the university have been removed.  Please let us know by writing to confluence at cornell.edu if there are any questions or concerns about this process.

Archiving Inactive Spaces

Over the years, the amount of content in Confluence has grown so that there are more than 1,700 spaces.  Atlassian, the makers of Confluence, tell us that we have a very large Confluence instance.  A number of these spaces are inactive, and the content has not been updated for many years sometimes because the original creators and maintainers of the spaces have left the university.   In order to keep Confluence running well for the users of actively maintained spaces, we are archiving a number of these inactive spaces.  You can see a list under Spaces > Space directory > Archived category.    The content remains in place, accessible and editable although it will not appear in search results unless you check the "Search archived spaces" checkbox.

Change spaces from "Documentation" to "Global Look and Feel" theme

Atlassian, the makers of the Confluence wiki, have been announcing for some time that they intend to retire the "Documentation" theme which controls the way some spaces appear. This theme will be replaced by the "Global Look and Feel" theme at the time when we upgrade to version 6.6 of Confluence. Confluence 6.6 is now available and we are planning an upgrade.  If your space uses the "Documentation" theme, we encourage you to change the theme now at your leisure in advance of the forced change. We are now in the process of changing any remaining spaces which you have not changed.  A space uses the "Documentation" theme if there is a "Browse" option in the top menu. More details.

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